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Education nonprofits promote learning and intellectual development from cradle to grave, from preschools through post-graduate schools and adult learning programs. They also include schools for students with special needs, organizations offering vocational and technical training, libraries, literacy programs, scholarships, student organizations, and parent-teacher groups.The research category comprises science, technology, and social science institutes. A nonprofit in this category may focus on astronomy, chemistry, or other physical science; engineering; computer science; marine biology, physiology, or other biological science; anthropology, economics, international law, political science, or other social science; or interdisciplinary fields, such as black studies, ethnic studies, gerontology, labor studies, and urban studies.

Aruba Certified Solutions Professional

Aruba Certified Solutions Professional | Role Salary & More!Gartner has selected Aruba Certifications as for the best solution provider. These are effective solutions as networking technologies are advancing globally. Professionals with this certification are expected to oversee the various practices needed for deploying efficient wireless infrastructures for diverse organizations, both in-house and designated site locations.

Master Console Operator

Master console operators are trained professionals who perform a variety of computer-related services. In addition directly operating them, such personnel is responsible for coordinating local (LAN) and wide (WAN) area networks, mainframe networks and the hardware, software, and devices used in computers.These operators are the administrative users of the system console which has complete control. They have access to all the system defined in the IT environment and the right to create and manage different console operators.

Cisco IP Telephony Engineer

Cisco IP Telephony Engineers must troubleshoot and configure Voice over IP and other services such as Extension mobility, CTI, Hunt Group, Soft Key Template, Phone Button Template and Voicemail. Engineers are responsible for installing and resolving issues related to Unity Voice mail, Voice Mail Profile, Voicemail Templates and Auto Attendant. They further must have in-depth understanding of architectures such as clustering, CCNA and CCNA voice.Engineers must be able to resolve issues related to the functionality of Cisco IP Telephony.

Hire Freelance Cisco VPN Specialist

Many businesses use Cisco VPN as a cornerstone of their digital security provision. Through Cisco they are able to facilitate the secure transmission of sensitive data. However, when issues with Cisco VPN arise, businesses can find themselves vulnerable.Keeping a technician on payroll can be extremely costly. Fortunately, there is a solution that allows you to get instant access to the expert help you need, whenever you need it without eating into your budget. Fortunately, there is a better way! Freelance Cisco VPN Specialists needn’t come with excessive costs.

Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Certified Professionals include a variety of different computer and technology-related duties as set by organizational certified professional skills Microsoft certified professionals (MCPs) are certified professionals who focus on Microsoft information technology plans and applications.

Use Field Engineer to Find Freelance Vmware Nsx Jobs

The VMware NSX Engineer is an IT professional trained to effectively integrate and implement the VMware NSX security platform within a hybrid cloud infrastructure. The NSX Engineer must provide expertise in all aspects of network technology security for a VMware virtualized environment.Virtual Cloud Network, built on VMware NSX technology, is a ubiquitous software layer from the data center to cloud to edge infrastructure.

Wireless Network Technician | Job Description, Jobs, Employment & Salary

A Wireless Network Technician must resolve issues and support other data mediation groups. They must manage work activities relevant to their areas of responsibility. Technicians must also set up wireless radios and antennas. They should have an in-depth understanding of aligning and completing wireless installations. Network Technicians must connect and install hardware-router-switches, patch panel terminations, servers, local machines, printers, and SIP phones.Technicians must install networks utilizing wiring and cable termination.

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

A Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) is the trained professional in the field of Microsoft products and services. MCTS professional supports enterprise-level Microsoft products and services. Microsoft technologies like Windows operating system, Microsoft Exchange server, SQL, and studio experts are some of the essentials required by the businesses. This specialist manages the set-up and often supporting version 2007. They assist in the set-up of user accounts and mailboxes along with the backup plan, security and restore the operation.

on-demand workforce management

Fed up of paying over the odds for inadequate business engineering services? Field Engineer’s on-demand workforce management facility could be the answer to your prayers!The business arena is evolving, not least when it comes to hiring contractors and employees in sectors such as networking and virtualization. Your business needs the best engineers from around the globe.

Cisco Certified Design Associate

The Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) is someone who designs Cisco converged networks which includes network infrastructures such as LANs and WANs.  They will have great expertise in design methodologies and objectives. The associate should understand how to address the routing protocols and network expansion consideration.  They must have a good understanding of data center, security, voice, and wireless networks.The Cisco Certified Design Associate must have the knowledge to design Cisco converged network.


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