Public, Societal Benefit

Public and societal benefit nonprofits work in the areas of civil rights and civil liberties, community improvement, philanthropy and volunteerism, and voter education and registration. They also include life insurance providers, unemployment compensation organizations, pension and retirement funds, fraternal groups, employee associations, and cemeteries.

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sing it can ease some peoples pain

                i am only a tenor in a small choir, but I have learned the power of song      I dont mean singing concerts on a stage,I mean walking in groups thru hositals,hursing homes, retirement centers, schools....   this music   heals the souls

helping people reach out to people

      I walk the same way each day, and I pass a man handling out  fliers.  He approached me one day and asked if I could help him His Dad had been a patient at the VA  hospital, and was doing well. He was planning to help him leave and come to live with him.     Everyone was happy on both sides.  A few days before he would leavethe hospital told him that this recovered World War II Veteran just diedHeartsick, he did not know what to do, so he asked me to help himwrite a letter to find out what happened.

teaching people a new way of talkng

  This is so important.  Every saturday I go to a senior retirement center, and I teach seniors how to use the internet to comunicate with their children, their grandchildren and useU tube.

wonder where all the day old doughnuts go?

   There are hundreds of coffee trucks in New York City,  especially near Times Square and Herald Square. I happen to know of one very special person.He and his brother run both a coffee truck and a lunch wagonThe hours are horrible,,  but towards the end of the morninga woman comes up to the cart, She uses a cane  She is not young,about 60,  She wants a cup of coffee and a doughnut.  The coffee manmarvels, he has gotten to know her.


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How many seniors do you,, dont go the movies?

    I took  a look at the seniors in my area.  most of them can not afford the price of a movie seat a lot of them doint know how to get there, having no one with a car, and taxis are too expensive.A lot of them are afraid of the bad press that they get from the newspapers etc,So I decided to do something special.   I RENTED a few old time movies and set it upin the community room of the local senior center.

I have a new way to market my bosses product

     A lot of people have stores.,  Store owners sit there day after day    and wait for the customers to come in.  Some place fancy Ads in papers   others put interesting displays in their windows.''   I do something different. It takes a little more time and effort on my part but i believe it pays off in the long run,  I help my customers run fund raisersfor their organization by using jewelry.  I have made friends with ladies whowork for two different charities.

Working with the neighborhood police watch

  I like to help my neighbors,  After a little training, four of us use our cars and drivearound the neighborhood a few days a month.  Other people take out places other daysI am not a Cop wannabe,.  Really not.  I feel that as a Adult, part of my responsibilityis in making certain my neighborhood is safe for everyone.   If there is something wrongI notify my police contact.  It is not my responsibility to get myself in danger playing copI act to help them.  There are other things I do also.

I talk to everyone

  I have an odd way of being charitable.  I talk to people If you know New York City, Broadway in the Upper west side, used to have wide streets, where there are benches in the center.  There is where thesenior citizens of the neighborhood sit  sometimes with long time friendssometimes alone.  I am not a senior, but I like to sit with them and talk.They have wonderful stories about their growing up where ever,  I heard it allSometimes they just want to talk, sometimes they want someone to read thema letter because they can no longer read so well.


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