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Writing letters for people who can not

God gave me the ability to write, and many times people come to me hat in hand for help. They don't know where to turn.Today, one vendor comes to me, His father was a World War II Vet in a VAHospital.  He was getting better, and when finally being reunited with hislong lost son felt well enough to leave and live with him. Unfortunatelythe VA Administration did not see it that way.


New York City
United States

Teaching People t o Savor Life

         Too many people   are trying to do too many things in a day THAT is what causes the dullness        that creeps into the senses.  Every thing looks the same.  I take every opportunity to teach my        students to slow down and look at what they are doing, as well as study the beautiful       things that God has given them.  Take what is around you and examine them      The beautify of the flowers , the warmth of the sun.

Giving of yourself

    I remember a beautiful elderly lady, who had done needlework, and gave it to her church   She note was simple but so beautiful.  She said  of gold, or riches I have none, I can only give of myself.  That sort of stuck with me.  What does this mean                                                                                              

Develope an interest in people

  We all need to broaden our horizons.  Talk to people, understand them learnfrom them... and later after you have learned and digested this, and appreciated thisyou can teach other.  People also have a need to share their experiences,people need to relax and talk about their day and their experiences  not to shareleaves emotions bottled up inside  they can explode,  they can be twisted andmisunderstood.  I have learned so much by talking to them .

Spend a little time helping others affirm their talents

  I need to tell you this,  Tell people with talent, that they have talent. they have value, and when they have an honest opportunity to show their talents,let them know it, encourage it,  people, talented people many times sit on their handsand are too shy to claim their talents,  If they need to be pushed,  gently help them alongThis is a kindness , a charity on your part.  To encourage people who deserve it, to help them understand and reassure them thatthey have value.

Being Nice is Not being weak

   I  don't like people who say people who do nice things are weak, and that the only people that are respected in the world, are those who are tough, vicious, etc.  well Nelson Mandelaand Mahatma Gandhi are more respected with love and honors that tough vicious and powerfulmen.

A little kindness means a lot

                So many people think greeting cards are a thing of the past, you just send an email, or       an electronic greeting card, and you are don with it,  but honestly you are neglecting an      entire population of seniors who would still be thrilled to receive snail mail and a note about     an event, especially a birthday.  I remember one beautiful woman, her name was Bea    she kept every single birthday card she ever received.

I write history

  I write down the history of my family and share with all its members I write down the history of the old building I live in and share with  all the tennants,  I write down the history of neighborhood and share it with the people there, I write about the stores that used    to be there, and the school that used to be down the street  and of the good and the famous people that are, and used to be  in the neighborhood, and for those people who want me to  I write dow

Everybody does it Charity comes in many forms

 Hi,  I am Pat Better know as Patrick.  The trick to being nice, is not to be loud about it.If I walk down the street,  and help an old man cross the street, I just do itI dont count these things.

clercial work

   When i Want to help a cause, I think of the most dull, boring job in an office  like filing, or sorting mailing lists stuffing envelopes  I do this for thelocal community board, or my local politican.  Everyone else wants to bein the spotlight, I only want to do something useful,,   This is a good way to be really helpful,  


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