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Being Nice is Not being weak

   I  don't like people who say people who do nice things are weak, and that the only people that are respected in the world, are those who are tough, vicious, etc.  well Nelson Mandelaand Mahatma Gandhi are more respected with love and honors that tough vicious and powerfulmen.

A little kindness means a lot

                So many people think greeting cards are a thing of the past, you just send an email, or       an electronic greeting card, and you are don with it,  but honestly you are neglecting an      entire population of seniors who would still be thrilled to receive snail mail and a note about     an event, especially a birthday.  I remember one beautiful woman, her name was Bea    she kept every single birthday card she ever received.

I write history

  I write down the history of my family and share with all its members I write down the history of the old building I live in and share with  all the tennants,  I write down the history of neighborhood and share it with the people there, I write about the stores that used    to be there, and the school that used to be down the street  and of the good and the famous people that are, and used to be  in the neighborhood, and for those people who want me to  I write dow

Everybody does it Charity comes in many forms

 Hi,  I am Pat Better know as Patrick.  The trick to being nice, is not to be loud about it.If I walk down the street,  and help an old man cross the street, I just do itI dont count these things.

clercial work

   When i Want to help a cause, I think of the most dull, boring job in an office  like filing, or sorting mailing lists stuffing envelopes  I do this for thelocal community board, or my local politican.  Everyone else wants to bein the spotlight, I only want to do something useful,,   This is a good way to be really helpful,  

Unexpected kindness

  Sadly I work for a man, who at times can be very difficult. To him if it is not exactly what he wants, the work is garbage, and the staff who did not do exactly what he wants is also of no value,a waste of his time, and the staff is just garbrge.  He enjoys making peoplefeel worthless.  One person, working too hard for the job was miserableI d try help but  I could not stop doing what I had to finish, or I would\be scolded also   There was a new guy wanting to do a good jub and kne whatI would hear.  So Monday night, I took some of his work, and cleaned it uphis  computer presentation.


                   Once a month, I go to the Local church store.  I had made friends with            the ladies who run it  I was dismayed when I looked at it,  it was a mess             As a favor  I come in, and I start with the men;s department and I straighten out             everything,  I make certain that the clothes are cleaned and pressed, that the shoes             look good and are in a good state of repair.  I make certain that anyone who comes in            looks at everything, and they can find anything that they need is clean and in a good            state of repair


     Just a note      Whenever I purchase a pair of shoes,  I make certain to take the old pair to     the shoe repain store.  When they are repaired, and shinned, I take them to the     second hand store and give them to the store, to make certain they are given out     to someone who needs them.      People who need charity will make use of it easier when the goods are clean   and ready to use


   I work in the business center of town.    My work keeps me very busy and when i am done, I race out of there    dust flying.  I grab the local newspapers all five of them,  a magazine or two   and bring them almost home,  But not quite  I stop on the main floor, and   I put the latest news on the bench for anyone to read.  I pick up last months magazines and add it to the recycling pile.  Just so those who can not afford the papers always have something to read

Unknown acts of kindness

    I don't like to draw attention to myself, but I feel deeply about people's problems    I fear that public acts of charity makes me vulnerable to people who will take advantage    In my apartment building, we have an absentee landlord   The floors need sweeping   the light bulbs need to be brighter, the front door latch needs to be fixed,    I had a few days off, and I just wanted to stay home and sleep.  But one Monday  I noticed that everyone left the house about BAM.


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