Have study and job, what should I do?

I'm 17, I need to go to class and I need to work, at 1PM to 8PM, so I don't have room schedule-wise to class by any means.  This is summer, and I'm on an excursion, however the school constrained me to join summer school for reasons unknown. The late spring school begin at 7:30 AM up to 3:00 AM. I'm having huge inconvenience on the grounds that, on the off chance that I need to go to the school I may lose my employment I'm working.  I made around 320 USD/Day(this week clients has increment relatively half, 3690+ Customers most recent 20 days), however because of school, I can't concentrate on the work by any stretch of the imagination. I require choice, I wanna left the school and keep working, yet appear as though my folks additionally needed me to study and work in the meantime. I'm on dejection and stress, I generally can't rest around evening time. I'm stress over my future and assignment expert.  It's troublesome for me to think about, I just wanna work and left the school, however I'm too hesitant to even think about telling my folks, school is setting aside a ton of time for me, I have around 1 year and half before I graduated, yet the training framework is excessively testing and in the event that I need to proceed with I may lose my employment for this, I would prefer not to lose my employment and surrender at this moment, my life relied upon me. On the off chance that I contemplate, I may possess no energy for employment, and I may be to stress over examination and my business. I'm extremely pressure at this moment, my folks state they comprehend me however they need me to complete highschool. Be that as it may, the training framework is too hard to even think about taking, the standard are so non-sense. Ex, you should go to the school before 7:30 AM, or else you'll get a stamp, when you get you need to go to class at summer and compelled to contemplate, they tallied how long you been late, and you need to consider for the days you late. 7:30 AM is a no as I would like to think, I woke up at 5:30 AM and my sister still exceptionally youthful, she can't wake that early and it's causing her medical issue as well.  What would it be advisable for me to do in this circumstance?

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I really sympathize with you because you are going through a very difficult period, but I don't know how I can help you. I can only advise you to talk with your employer in order to change the schedule. Or work with writing service from https://resume-writing-services.reviews/zipjob-com-review/ and try to find a new job that would allow you to combine work and study. Perhaps you can find a distant job and go on freelance, I think it will be more convenient for you.