Being Nice is Not being weak

   I  don't like people who say people who do nice things are weak, and that the only people that are respected in the world, are those who are tough, vicious, etc.  well Nelson Mandelaand Mahatma Gandhi are more respected with love and honors that tough vicious and powerfulmen.  It takes courage to stand up to a neighbor hood and force them out of the neighborhoodI know such a man, his name is Winfred LLoyd  or Coach LLoyd in Staten Island New York.He works with childlren on all ages, He teaches them Basketball,  team sports, and thediscipline, and team playing  He makes real friendships with the kids, and follows themfrom 5 years olds until senior year.    This man keeps these children save from the gangsjust by caring about the kids.  He is not a smart man, or a man with money  He is justa good decent man who loves the kids and wants them to grow up to be good decent menthat is not being weak, that shows immense strength and courage.

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