community gardens

    a lot of churches would like a community garden, but they know that   getting eally organized is a really hard thing.  It is not easy to get people    to come back every weekend and work, or even water.  So I help things   along.  I have an old tractor/lawn mower special and at least I can turn over the soil for them  a couple of times,  and I can make the rows and thepathways  Finally I set up the watering system  so this can operate witha minimum of people.    I work with the church members and I call thecommunity leaders just to say hello and if they are having any problems.Every season I work with about ten different churches to install largegardens that wil help them feed the community,.  I feel that If I canget the garden to survive the first year, then it is easier for the secondand third,  It helps the parish hourse cut down on their expenses,and it helps the community make certain as many people as they can, will be fed,.

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