Develope an interest in people

  We all need to broaden our horizons.  Talk to people, understand them learnfrom them... and later after you have learned and digested this, and appreciated thisyou can teach other.  People also have a need to share their experiences,people need to relax and talk about their day and their experiences  not to shareleaves emotions bottled up inside  they can explode,  they can be twisted andmisunderstood.  I have learned so much by talking to them .  I have known diamond dealersgold dealers, pattern makers and fabric salespeople.  I have worked with jewelry designersand fashion designers from all over the world.  most of the people like to speak to me, becuaseI RESPECT THEM, I appreciate their gifts, and enjoy their art.   Even the smallest person whodoes nothing but beads scarves for a living, has wonderfull designs and ideas floating thrutheir memories that can be shared with you. I learned so much about Flo Zeigfield that was never listed in books.

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