Does Introducing the Customer premises equipment (CPE) will make any use for telcos?

Most of the business challenges facing cable operators today revolve around the way they deploy services. This is largely because traditional customer premises equipment (CPE) cannot efficiently or cost-effectively cope with the rapid growth in customer demands for new features and more bandwidth. As a result, network operators encounter bottlenecks that prevent them from truly differentiating their offerings.But what if CPE didn’t need hardware upgrades to offer new services, features or increased bandwidth? That would introduce big cost savings, enable fewer trucks rolls and simplify the management of deployed devices. A virtualized CPE enables all of that; it promises greater control, visibility and flexibility while simultaneously reducing the time it takes to being new services to the market.The concept of Customer premises equipment, CPE equipment is simple. In the CPE Networking architecture model, software is decoupled from underlying hardware, leaving less intelligent equipment sitting at the customer premises and pushing network functions to the cloud. So instead of using specialized, expensive devices to support sophisticated services, operators can use less costly devices to connect their access network with customers. This separation of hardware and software enables MSOs to develop advanced features and deploy them anywhere in the network, depending on their specific service, resource or bandwidth requirements.Deploying virtual customer premises equipment (CPE) provides a competitive advantage today but it may soon become a necessity for competitive cable operators.How can help businesses with CPE Deployment Services?If you want to expand your services globally and offer your customers CPE deployment services, take a look at to find out how to discover your ideal engineers. The site has engineers in more than 190 countries, so you can offer a truly global service. Telcos and VARs can benefit from the huge selection of engineers on the site.Read More: 

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