Exciting Career Path in Checkpoint Engineer

The role of the technical engineer is to develop application design and design IT infrastructure components to meet business and technical requirements. IT infrastructure may include systems, middleware, database, storage, and network infrastructure. The engineer must demonstrate the ability to efficiently code, test & certify technology platforms, software, and applications.Troubleshoot, debug application(s) and IT infrastructure component(s) and recommend enhancements for stable operations. Maintain and patch systems, software, and applications to eliminate bug fixes, security vulnerabilities and maintain technology currency of systems and applications.Essential job responsibilities performed by CheckPoint Engineer are as follow:    To maintain LAN, WAN and server architecture    To install network security devices    To evaluate firewall policy and administration and the logging of this analysis    To test systems for vulnerabilities in hardware and software    To maintain VPNs, firewalls, email security, and web protocols    To create and maintain virus detection systems    To maintain web proxies and enterprise email    To create access controls to the datacenter settings    To produce design documentation for ad hoc access requests More info:    Checkpoint Engineer | Role, Responsibilities &Salary | Field Engineer   

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