As a teacher, i always, always tried to impress on my students    the need to follow thru on every opportunity that is presented to them    I show them how to write their resume, how to establish their    credentials, and then how to show people that you can do the job  either by being an intern, or an un paid volunteer in the field where  I want to make my business.  I try to teach them to always be known  as a hard working inovative person, I treach them how to work for  a company, doing the day to day and keeping that positive smile   I try to get them to understand how important it is to network with people to expand your contacts, and learn how everyone does the business  I could be teaching a course in sales and marketing, or just personal  motivation.  I all I know it is the basic informationfor everyone that wants to start in a commpany to secure a place and to do business. S

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