helping people reach out to people

      I walk the same way each day, and I pass a man handling out  fliers.  He approached me one day and asked if I could help him His Dad had been a patient at the VA  hospital, and was doing well. He was planning to help him leave and come to live with him.     Everyone was happy on both sides.  A few days before he would leavethe hospital told him that this recovered World War II Veteran just diedHeartsick, he did not know what to do, so he asked me to help himwrite a letter to find out what happened.  He had been to the hospitala few times and had not gotten the information he needed.So here am I coming in on my vacation day, to sit down withthis man to help him find out the necessary information on his DadI am doing this for this man to help him find out whatever he needs tofind out, I don't know if there is something done wrong, or just old age,but I will find out for him.  If not for him, but for other veterans like him

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