Helping people understand

   When I was an unfortunate accident patient at a local hospital   I stayed there a while, (a few broken bones, etc)  in the Medical  Surgical Ward,  Now after a while, I was the old man of the group It was great to see people leave, on their way home, to work on their continued recovery, it was hard to see people lose their loved ones,One woman became convinced that I could ask God to grant favors to other patients, helping them thru surgery (I only prayed for them and entrusted them to God , in the name of Jesus,) but she presisted All I could do (knowing that her poor husband had liver cancer0 was for god's  mercy and hopefully her comfort and understanding ofwhatever was to be his will,  Her husband survived the operationbut he was not doing well, and she was mercifully begining to understandthat what was best for the man she loved, and what was God's will mightnot bring her great joy, only comfort   So I pray for peoplefor their understanding and acceptance of Gods will, and his blessingswhatever they may be

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