How to install a computer network card

Before installing the network card, verify that the jumpers are properly set. Today, most computers do not have jumpers for a network card installation and allow for the network card to be set up and configured through software or plug and play. If available, it is recommended that this be used.Today, network cards connect to the PCI slot. Locate an available slot in the computer and gently push the card into the slot until it snaps into place. Once the card is in the expansion slot, place a screw into the top of the card to hold the card into position.Most network cards will not include internal cables, but you may find Wake-on-LAN cable, which wakes the computer when network activity is present. If cables are included with the network card and your computer supports these cables, install the cables now.The Wake-on-LAN cable must also be a supported feature of the computer motherboard. The cable will connect to the Wake-on-LAN or similar connection on the motherboard. Consult the motherboard documentation or manufacturer for additional information if this is a supported feature or where the cable should be connected.To become qualified to work as a Switch Network Installer and Repairman, candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree in either computer networking, telecommunications, or electronics.

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