I have a new way to market my bosses product

     A lot of people have stores.,  Store owners sit there day after day    and wait for the customers to come in.  Some place fancy Ads in papers   others put interesting displays in their windows.''   I do something different. It takes a little more time and effort on my part but i believe it pays off in the long run,  I help my customers run fund raisersfor their organization by using jewelry.  I have made friends with ladies whowork for two different charities.  each are interested in raising funds for theircompanies.  I take a beautiful piece of jewelry  I know that if I wait in the storefor it to sell it will take 50 days, and I ill get my price  but if I offer the ladiesthe pieces a above my wholesale cost, and show them how to sell it forthe retail price or above  they make the difference between the prices and i move8 pieces of jewelry instead of 1. and the Charity makes the money it needs,.

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