I talk to everyone

  I have an odd way of being charitable.  I talk to people If you know New York City, Broadway in the Upper west side, used to have wide streets, where there are benches in the center.  There is where thesenior citizens of the neighborhood sit  sometimes with long time friendssometimes alone.  I am not a senior, but I like to sit with them and talk.They have wonderful stories about their growing up where ever,  I heard it allSometimes they just want to talk, sometimes they want someone to read thema letter because they can no longer read so well.  I promised myself thatthree days a month, I would sit out there, to get to know them, to talk to themand to help them,  I don't want anything from them just their friendship.when someone does not show up, I make it a point to find out if they are ok.Sometimes they are not.  Being Ill and alone in New York city is a terriblething,.   My family is far away..in another country  and I love to hear whatthese people have to say.

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