I teach self defense to little old ladies

          Please don't laugh   If you have ever know someone who has    had an accident that has left them with a cane to use for the rest   of their lives, or even a wheelchair.  Please understand  these people  are not seen by many people has strong and capable, especially people who grab wallets and purses and run,.  I went to visit mysister in a hospital and saw that the Physical Therapy office had a specialclass Self Defense for people with Canes  I was stunned.  I had alwaysenjoyed the marshal arts but I had never thought of this  for peoplein wheelchairs and with canes, but they are the very people who mightneed this the most.  I spent a lot of time with my teachers, who loved the ideaand also that because some of the people who needed this the most werepeople who could not pay for it   Therefore in this city a thug should thinktwice about attacking a little old lady with a cane,  she could have beentaught be me!

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