A little kindness means a lot

                So many people think greeting cards are a thing of the past, you just send an email, or       an electronic greeting card, and you are don with it,  but honestly you are neglecting an      entire population of seniors who would still be thrilled to receive snail mail and a note about     an event, especially a birthday.  I remember one beautiful woman, her name was Bea    she kept every single birthday card she ever received. Each card was carefully preserved   in her book of important things.  At 88, she had a considerable collection. Some of them  were sweet little  sentiments from her eight birthday party in Davenport Iowa. Others were from her 21st birthday party when she worked for Ziegfield on Broadway .  Please consider new respect for these things.  Even know, my neighbor, who I really don't know well was thrilled to receive a letter from her son remembering her birthday,.  I have worked in offices were the president's secretary sent a little bouquet of flowersto every member of the staff for that holiday.  It does not have to be huge, just a tinypretty note, and you will bring warm smiles for the entire day.  Just to let others knowthat someone is thinking of them.  Try it

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