Spend a little time helping others affirm their talents

  I need to tell you this,  Tell people with talent, that they have talent. they have value, and when they have an honest opportunity to show their talents,let them know it, encourage it,  people, talented people many times sit on their handsand are too shy to claim their talents,  If they need to be pushed,  gently help them alongThis is a kindness , a charity on your part.  To encourage people who deserve it, to help them understand and reassure them thatthey have value. You are helping them realize their talents.  Too many people run aroundwith limited talents, and are like  a stone in an empty tin can.  They make a lot of noisebut have limited talent.  The real talents shy away from their brashness.  It is up to honestpeople like you 

Charity Sector: