Teaching People t o Savor Life

         Too many people   are trying to do too many things in a day THAT is what causes the dullness        that creeps into the senses.  Every thing looks the same.  I take every opportunity to teach my        students to slow down and look at what they are doing, as well as study the beautiful       things that God has given them.  Take what is around you and examine them      The beautify of the flowers , the warmth of the sun.  take away your third cup of coffee      and listen to the buzz of the insects, and the songs of the birds and the warmth of the sun.     It does not have to be expensive, and the latest thing on utube.    I teach my students how to take a small portion of land, and cultivate it, and   harvest the growth, then preserve it,  and then cook with it, and then ecologically dispose of the recyclables. That is an interesting concept to philosophy majors,   Charity, to me is opening my people's eyes to the meaning of life, and the joy of simple things that they can make with their own hands. 

Charity Sector: