Travel by bus to the Top 3 Night out destinations in Singapore

Apart from the best shopping experience, Singapore also is quite famous for its bustling nightlife. If you thought that the shopping outlets close too early worry not! The bars and pubs are open here until wee hours in the morning. The bars are strategically located from the centre of the acuity of Singapore so that you can quickly grab a meal and head over to grabbing some drinks. However all these comforts come at a price? The city is dubbed to be one of the costliest places for drinking. Singapore has a good network of roads. This makes traveling completely hassle free and convenient. If you are looking forward to visit all of the above places then i recommend you to travel by bus as not only will it save you some money but also time. Check out redbus for quick ticket booking and awesome discounts!! ZoukTalking about nightlife and not mentioning Zouk is more of like a crime!! Its a norm to review any nightclub starting with Zouk. All this thanks to the years of excellent service it provides to its patrons. The hotel is compared with some of the best clubs in Europe and it caters to all, young or old doesn’t matter! Speakers here are blasting with House music that is being spun by the resident Dj’s here. The hotel has also played host to some of the most famous bands like Chemical Brothers, Galliano, Heart and Kylie Minogue. When I said the club caters to all, I meant it. The bar hosts a separate section specially known as the Velvet Underground for the older patrons and the music playing here is mostly Soul and Garage. PhutureOpened to the people in the year 1990, the club is famous mostly for its one of a kind music playlist. The interiors of the bar are quite chic, modern and futuristic. The bar is open to the people for about 3 nights a week especially on weekends.  Tipling Club The Tipling Club is one of the most famous nightlife destinations in Singapore catering to more than 2000 patrons per night. The Club is famous for serving some of the most unique foods ever which you will not find anywhere in Singapore.  It also serves its signature and patented cocktails. The Club is sure to make a whole in your pockets but you should surely try it once.  You will immediately realise that it is worth the money. It is located on Tanjong Pagar Road and I personally recommend you to reach here by bus, as taxi fares will be higher owing to the traffic. Make sure to try out Pea Puree, Jolly Green Giant, Friend of the Night, Bitters, Citrus, Purple Drank, Bubbles, Vanilla and Raisin Spirit and Raspberry. The best part being all of these cocktails are served in a medicine like bottle! If you find no other reason to visit the club, trying out the cocktails is the biggest excuse you can ever make!


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