Unexpected kindness

  Sadly I work for a man, who at times can be very difficult. To him if it is not exactly what he wants, the work is garbage, and the staff who did not do exactly what he wants is also of no value,a waste of his time, and the staff is just garbrge.  He enjoys making peoplefeel worthless.  One person, working too hard for the job was miserableI d try help but  I could not stop doing what I had to finish, or I would\be scolded also   There was a new guy wanting to do a good jub and kne whatI would hear.  So Monday night, I took some of his work, and cleaned it uphis  computer presentation.  It took some and a little more photoshop that I remembered,    Next day,  the boss thought it was good and sent his idera to his sterring committee. The new guy was dumfounded buit greatful. Heaz greatfuly   JNext day, at the coffee shops across street, he asked me aboutmy efforts.  He thanked me, and I said  just do the next person a favor

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