wonder where all the day old doughnuts go?

   There are hundreds of coffee trucks in New York City,  especially near Times Square and Herald Square. I happen to know of one very special person.He and his brother run both a coffee truck and a lunch wagonThe hours are horrible,,  but towards the end of the morninga woman comes up to the cart, She uses a cane  She is not young,about 60,  She wants a cup of coffee and a doughnut.  The coffee manmarvels, he has gotten to know her. She takes her coffee but the roll or doughnut always goes home to her husband, who is ill.He always makes certain she walks away with two doughnutsand perhaps a roll also., so both of these little old people can eatbreakfast together tomorrow.  This is a great kindness, The businesscan fail or succee depending on how many sweets gets sold. But theyoung man can not help himself, she reminds him of his mother.and therefore he must help them. So every day he sees her he lets her pay for one coffee and one pastry, and then stuffs the bag withan extra doughnut or two.  He offers his kindness up to Allah,and she always blesses him and says God is Good to him.So at the end of the day, he has no extras to throw away only a fullheart.


New York City
United States
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