Working with the neighborhood police watch

  I like to help my neighbors,  After a little training, four of us use our cars and drivearound the neighborhood a few days a month.  Other people take out places other daysI am not a Cop wannabe,.  Really not.  I feel that as a Adult, part of my responsibilityis in making certain my neighborhood is safe for everyone.   If there is something wrongI notify my police contact.  It is not my responsibility to get myself in danger playing copI act to help them.  There are other things I do also.  I notify the city of missing street lightsof derelict cars, or trash that is left out on the street, and if need be confused adults wanderingaround, or lost pets, and children.   I have reported car crashes, drunks in need of arrest,I have made certain that ladies have gotten home from the subway safely after working all nightAlthough we all are certified in First Aid,  we only offer our help and only if it is accepted dowe start to help while we notify the police.  We are about my neighborhood, my city andmy state  I want them to be happy to know there are people like me who want them to feelsafe walking down the street

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