Writing letters for people who can not

God gave me the ability to write, and many times people come to me hat in hand for help. They don't know where to turn.Today, one vendor comes to me, His father was a World War II Vet in a VAHospital.  He was getting better, and when finally being reunited with hislong lost son felt well enough to leave and live with him. Unfortunatelythe VA Administration did not see it that way.  The next week, they told theson, the very day he has to take his father home and the Administrationtells him his father died last nite. He was horrified, and felt helpless, sohe wants to write a letter to the proper authorities, and hopefullyfind an answer to why a healthy man thrilled to be going home suddenlydies after a clean bill of health.   So I know he can not pay me, butI start outlining things he has to get for me.  Details, names, addresses etc.and I will write his letter to the President, to the VA, to anyone I think mightlisten. Honestly, sadly I don't know if I can get someone to listen,, but I willtry, and at least my friend having poured out his heart, will have had a startin finding out whatever truth there is, and find some closure for his pain.One day perhaps someone will do something for me. 


New York City
United States
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